Why You Should Consider Putting Your Elderly Parents In A Granny Flat

Granny flats are increasingly becoming an attractive housing option. They are an alternative to traditional apartments and single-unit dwelling homes. Although not ideal for conventional families, they are better suited for elderly parents and in-laws. If you have elderly family members that need a housing solution, this article will show you why you should consider Bayswater granny flats.

granny flats

Their compact design is ideal for people living alone

One architectural similarity that you can pick up from any granny flat you see is their compact size. They are built to be small, self-sufficient and comfortable. They mostly feature a living room, a bedroom, and a kitchenette. Some may have a small porch up front as well. This design favours elderly parents because they live alone. They do not need a lot of space so a single unit is just right for their needs. Not only that, a small space means less maintenance as well so your parents don’t get a lot of chores.

They offer immediate neighbours

Another reason why granny flats are a perfect fit for elderly parents is because they are not isolated living units. Every unit is located in a compound that houses a main dwelling unit. And in some cases, some people have more than one granny flat in their compound. Your elderly parents can, therefore, live in one of these units without feeling desolate. They will have immediate neighbours who will provide some company and a certain level of care and support when needed.

They are cheaper to rent as they are secondary developments

Putting your aging parents in a granny flat also has a financial benefit. That is, the units are cost-effective to rent. This is made possible by two factors. For one, they are small, so that makes them cheap to build and equally cheap to rent. Secondly, they are built on already developed lots that have houses on them. The land and the utilities are therefore already in place. The landlords, therefore, only charge for the occupied property hence the low rental costs.

They provide a better living setup compared to nursing homes

The most common destination for elderly persons is nursing homes. However, when you compare the best nursing homes with the best granny flats in Bayswater, one can see how the latter provide a better living environment for their loved ones. Granny flats provide an environment that is more homely and is not institutionalized the way nursing homes are. If you are comparing the two, therefore, you may opt for granny flats due to these advantages. Check at http://superiorgrannyflats.com.au/about/

Renting one frees your parent’s property for other uses

It’s no secret that as one’s parents start to age, their home becomes too big for them and probably not as convenient as it once was. Putting your elderly parents in a granny flat is a clever solution that may allow you to get them out of that situation. Once you have moved them out, you may then rent out or sell their house to a larger family. This will allow you to put that house to better financial use and create a stream of passive monthly income for you and your retired parents.


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