Why Finger Foods Are The Way To Go

Whether you are hosting a corporate meeting or having a small gathering with friends, people will usually ask you for food. As a host, you are obliged to feed your visitors unless you want people to hate you and not go to one of your events again. However, given that you are providing them with amazing food, food on plates can sometimes be inconvenient especially if you don’t have enough space. This dilemma is very evident among small scale parties such as house parties where people usually crowd a small space. So how do you fix this issue? Simple: by hiring one of the finger food catering Melbourne has to offer.

finger food catering melbourne

                finger food catering Melbourne

Plate vs finger

Although a plate makes your eating experience a lot more comfortable and organized, there is something that eating with just the hands so special. Since the ancient times, human beings have been eating with their bare hands so it wouldn’t be a new thing for you. Any finger food catering Melbourne has today designs the food choices so that they will not be messy and uncomfortable to handle.


Being able to eat with your bare hands will give you a lot of advantages. When you come to think of it, if you are someone like the majority of the people on earth who hate washing dishes, then this would be great for you. Some catering companies also charge extra for plate rentals. So, by eating with your fingers you are also actually saving money (who would have known). Studies suggest that when people eat on bigger plates, they are actually eating more. Although there is no explanation why that happens, but that’s how it works. That is why most experts suggest that in order for people to maintain their weight, they are urged to eat on smaller plates. Well, this time they are not eating on any plate at all.

Another advantage that you would be getting from a plate-less banquet is being able to conserve space. Plates on the average are around 8-10 inches in diameter. So imagine if you are feeding 20 people, you need around 160 to 200 inches of space and that’s for plates alone. You need to consider that these people need to sit, drink and converse with other people.

One of the most exciting advantages of finger food Melbourne caterers offer is that you will be able to enjoy the food without being overwhelmed by the portioning. Because the portions are designed to be picked up with the fingers (meaning they are smaller), your guests would be able to enjoy the food choices.

Things to remember

Despite the advantages stated above, it still boils down to choosing the best finger food catering Melbourne has to offer. Always select the one that has the most food choices, the best reputation and the cleanest. Another thing you should consider is the promptness of the catering service. The last thing that you need is a group of hungry guests. So, do your fair share of research when it comes to finger food catering and be wise when making deals.


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