Serviced Apartments: Best Alternative to Hotels

Finding an accommodation is always a puzzle for tourists. Many would choose to book a hotel room especially when traveling to a foreign country. If you are traveling to East Melbourne, in particular, there is no shortage in hotels to choose from. But modern tourists are a lot smarter and are skipping the hotel to choose more practical accommodation such as apartment accommodation East Melbourne has to offer. The city offers a good mix of centrally located accommodation so you will find it easy to explore sights.

One such example is a serviced apartment. If you are new to this type of accommodation, you might be wondering what makes it a good alternative to staying in a hotel. You will be surprised at how this type of lodging will appeal to you with ease.


The cheaper price tag associated with staying in cheap apartment accommodation in East Melbourne is one of the primary reasons why tourists choose this over hotels. Most hotel rooms are charged on a per-night basis and the number of people staying in each room is strictly imposed. In fact, you have to pay excess fee for every number of persons that exceed that allowed number of guests per room. In the case of serviced apartments, you will only be paying for apartment accommodation in East Melbourne. Therefore, you can get as many people as you comfortably can in a single apartment without paying for excess fee. Click here Aberlour Court

East Melbourne apartment accommodation is also a practical choice for those who like to stay longer, say one month. If you were to stay in a hotel for one month, that would be too costly on your end. But serviced apartment accommodation East Melbourne has to offer has flexible rates and packages. You can therefore save if you opt for the monthly or weekly stay options. It is excellent for those staying in Melbourne for a long time but want to keep accommodation costs at a minimum.

Furnishings and Amenities

A serviced apartment is equipped with basic and luxury amenities that you will find in most hotels. From fully equipped kitchen, to comfortable bedding, to entertainment set – you can find that in serviced apartments. There are even higher end apartments that have pools or spa wherein you can relax in! It is like having your home away from home!


As mentioned above, apartment accommodation East Melbourne has today is a good choice for those traveling in a group. You will be renting the place for a specific period of time for a given rate. Meanwhile, hotel room accommodations are strictly charged on a per-night basis. Therefore, choosing to stay in a serviced apartment is not only cost-effective, it is practical too!

These are just some of the main benefits you can enjoy when staying in a serviced apartment. When traveling to Melbourne, ask around about your options and look at the amenities or services you can enjoy. Once you have experienced the benefits of staying in an apartment, you will never book a stay in a hotel room again!


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