Important Tips On How To Keep Your Water Pipes From Freezing During Winter

It’s already mid-year and the winter months are soon going to set in. Apart from the lower temperatures that are quite welcome in some parts of the country, winter often brings with it a common plumbing nuisance in the form of frozen pipes. This year, learn how to stay ahead of the weather and avoid the same from happening to you, lest you start looking for a plumber Logan has (if you’re here in Brisbane). Read on to learn more.

Turn off your mains water pipes

Mains water is the biggest contributor of frozen pipes inside people’s homes. During this season, temperatures outside usually drop significantly. Since the main water is piped from outside, the water inside the main pipes gets cooled down significantly as well. By the time it is getting into your house, it’s already very cold and near freezing. If that water is left to settle inside your indoor pipes, it’s very likely that it will freeze the pipes too. Therefore, to avoid this, simply turn off your mains water during winter. If you don’t know how your mains water is connected to your house, talk to a plumber Logan has and get the assistance you need.

Leave your heater/air conditioning on before leaving the house

Due to the overall low temperatures at this time of the year, your water pipes get cooled gradually by the cold air in and around your home. The cold water inside the pipes then cools the pipes even further (the water is often colder than the pipes). If your heater or air conditioning is not turned on, it’s almost guaranteed that your pipes will freeze eventually. You’ll then have to find a Logan plumber to reverse the situation for you. In many cases, this often happens when people leave their homes while they have turned off their air conditioning or the heater. Instead, keep your home heated even when away.

Keep your taps dripping water 24/7

Another way to prevent your pipes from freezing is to ensure that you never shut off your pipes completely during the winter months. This may sound like bad advice that no plumber Logan has would ever tell you but it makes a lot of sense when it comes to frozen pipes. The trick is to ensure that the water in your pipes is experiencing some level of flow at all times, no matter how small. That flow rate discourages the water inside the pipes from freezing and turning into a mass of ice. Check at Adept Plumbing and Gas

Keep your hidden water pipes properly ventilated

Lastly, keep all your indoor pipes well ventilated. Water pipes hidden under cabinets or behind walls tend to stay insulated against your indoor heaters. Ventilating such pipes seeks to ensure that they remain warmed to room temperature together with the rest of your indoor space. For pipes under the kitchen sink and inside cabinets, all you have to do is open the doors and let the warm air seep in. However, for pipes hidden behind walls, you will need to find plumber in Logan and have the experts try to do so themselves. For more details, just visit


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