How Your Business Stands To Benefit From Microsoft Onenote Training

If there is one program that is improving the way businesses in Australia handle their daily work, it is the OneNote software from Microsoft. No wonder there is an ever growing demand from managers looking to take the Microsoft OneNote training course that will help them unlock its potential in managing their business and improving on service delivery.

Microsoft OneNote training

What is Microsoft OneNote?

OneNote is a collaborative program that allows different users to work together and share information through digital notebooks. Unlike paper notes which are limited to a single user, the digital notebook is open to multiple users simultaneously who can pass information, fill out data and save work reports.

Key features and benefits of using Microsoft OneNote for business

There are unlimited advantages for using this program. Here are some key benefits you stand to gain after you get your training.

 1. Multiple user features

With the ability to have different users accessing the same notebooks across a variety of devices, there will be a great improvement of transparency in the office. Staff members can share information easily through different departments, quickly access daily tasks, and fill out to do list. It is such features that ensure productivity and efficiency at any time. Moreover, a manager can monitor staff progress and performance, issue work or pass important messages to the employees.

As if that is not all, the Microsoft OneNote app drastically cuts paper and print costs in the office. Since information can be accessed across different platforms it gets even much easier sharing document/reports during meetings.

2. Information Storage and Retrieval

It has probably happened to you more than a few times when you misplace your notes, can’t find specific information in your notebook or your notes look so disorganised due to fast scribbling of ideas or instructions.  Using a OneNote app however, you get to enjoy better organisation and much improved work flow of information.

The digital notebook has an advanced search engine that retrieves documents by simple keywords and phrases making it much easier and faster to get what you want even when under work pressure.

3. Information on hand

Imagine being able to access your office notes whenever you want to work from home, or better yet, anywhere in the world? It is very much possible with this program. OneNote can be easily synchronised with your office computer, laptop, table, Smartphone or accessed online through the web app.

In addition, you can jot down text, record audio or shoot videos as well as forward the same to other users. The app also has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature that lets you scan documents or get character from pictures so you are always ready to get information on the go.

It is quite clear that you can use all these features from the software to better manage your business and improve your proficiency. All you need is to have the right Microsoft OneNote Training.

To get one, contact  New Horizons – a professional Microsoft OneNote Training provider in Australia and be part of the best learning experience that is guaranteed to make you a pro OneNote user.


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