Demand for Quality Fountain Pens is There Even in This Digital Era

Digital era has changed a lot of things, but something that has not changed even in this era is the demand for quality fountain pens. This is not mere a statement but it is also felt by Chief executive of Montblanc, Jérôme Lambert. The article published in dated 31st July 2016 states that even during this digital era, pen is mightier than a smartphone.

quality fountain pens

Now most people use their smart devices for taking notes or for writing down something. Also, gone are the days when writing letter was a trend. Most of the time you will find yourself texting or sending an email. Even though the uses of smart devices have increased a lot, there are situations when you need quality fountain pens to mark the importance of the occasion, like while signing any important agreement or during weddings.

Business of selling pens

Although it may seem weird but there are firms that are actually making a fortune by selling Rhodia notebooks and Stabilo art supplies. Concerned people say that even though the trend of writing letters has reduced from what it had been earlier, the demand for quality products is there, and day by day it is increasing.

These firms mostly deal with supplies that are unique and will appeal to the youngsters as well as those people who love vintage items. You can find that quality pens like Mont Blanc or others are in very much demand. Whenever there is some special occasion or an event that needs to be remembered for years, you will look for a good pen and other writing supplies. And this is where the companies dealing with fountain pens and fountain pen friendly notebooks are exploring to increase their business.

Getting the best fountain pen

So, even if you also agree with what is mentioned in this article you must know how to choose quality fountain pens!  There are lots and lots of them available, and everyone claims to be the best. They are, but while you choose one for yourself, it’s necessary that you consider your needs and choice, and just not buy one as your friend mentioned that a particular brand is the best one in the market!

The nib of the pen is very important, and you must be very careful while choosing the pen. If you have chosen a pen with a good nib, you can find that you can simply change the thickness of the ink just by flexing the nib. Another benefit of using fountain pens is that while writing with it, predominantly you do not have to apply pressure. However, if you choose to apply some, then you can change the style of your writing.

To wrap up

Thus, in this digital era, fountain pens are not just used for writing; they are luxury items that make the owner feel proud of them. Fountain pens of high quality are mostly used for special occasions. Once you know how to choose the best one by looking at its nib and the metal used for making it, you can also become a proud owner of quality pens.


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